EmailSystemProfile Doesn’t Function in Some Setups

/ 13 February 2011 / Alexander Celeste

Earlier today I found out that my computer was never sending out system profiles when on the network of my college, CSB/SJU, using EmailSystemProfile (by taking a closer look at when it was sending the emails by looking at the recipient GMail account’s inbox). It seems that whatever is breaking the script is well out of my control. I’d bet that many institutional/corporate networks probably block what this essential script needs open to run. So, for those of us that are stuck in setups where the script doesn’t work, here is an applescript alternative. Once downloaded place this script within the Apple Mail scripts folder (~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail) and edit the recipient variable at the top of the script file in Applescript Editor. We can’t get this to run automatically, but at least it’s simpler than manually saving proprietary system profile files and emailing them. Once you run this script from Mail all you need to do is click Send and the system profile will be sent off and filed away similar to how the automatic script functions. If you’re one of the unlucky users for whom the original shell script doesn’t function then I highly recommend getting this applescript on your system sooner rather than later.