When you contact us about a project we will set up an initial consultation with you. The consultation is usually a phone conference call or online voice/video chat and lasts 1 to 2 hours. If you are in the Twin Cities area we could meet in person as well. The purpose of this consultation is for us to get a feel for your needs, the scope of what you want to get accomplished, and your constraints. This consultation will cost $100.

Following the consultation we will write up a proposal. This proposal will clearly lay out the tasks, scope, timeline, and cost of the project.

Since we generally charge fees per project rather than per hour, the cost for your project will depend a great deal on what you want to accomplish. To give you a sense of the possible cost, here are some generic cost estimates. Just remember, your proposal will not likely match any of these examples.

For your own customized proposal, please contact us.

Website Development and Maintenance

  • Basic WordPress website maintenance: $100 / month
  • Basic WordPress website hosting: $25 / month
  • Transferring a simple WordPress website to WordPress.com: $200
  • Rebuilding a simple WordPress site using an off-the-shelf theme or moving a simple site to Google Sites: $500
  • Creating a new WordPress theme for a site of moderate complexity and/or adding custom post types to a site: $5,000 - $9,000
  • Building a website that requires integration between multiple services, membership management, e-commerce, or data transfer: $15,000 - $30,000

Graphic Design

  • Sign or banner from existing designs and assets: $300 - $600
  • Print advertisement or postcard from existing designs and assets: $300 - $600
  • Redrawing existing logo as vector art suitable for online use: $500 - $1,000
  • Designing a t-shirt: $400 - $800

Other Expenses

The cost we list on our proposals is for our own labor. Many projects that are design intensive will incur additional expenses that may include premium themes, plugins, fonts, stock photography, or other costs. If we think such additional expenses are required, we will make that clear in our proposal and seek the approval of a budget for these expenses which we will not exceed.


We look forward to starting on your project as soon as possible. However, we ask you to leave plenty of time to experience the creative process. A new website can take a number of months to develop and launch. Signage, shirts, and other printed materials can take 2-6 weeks for design and production. We try to always meet the timeline listed in our proposal, but can never guarantee that there won’t be unexpected delays. If such delays come up we’ll be sure to keep you informed.


We accept payment by check or direct deposit. On most projects we require a deposit of 50% of the cost in order to begin work on the project. The final balance will be due upon completion.

Ownership and Portfolio Appearance

Our clients own what they have paid for. We install website files on their own hosting account and provide a print-ready collection of files for graphic design work. Tenseg LLC retains the rights to all source files created for a client, including original artwork, programming, and other items produced on a client’s behalf. We maintain the code we produce, along with copies of client websites that were used for development purposes. Tenseg LLC retains the right to reuse any piece of our work, so long as the client’s likeness is not reused. Tenseg LLC also retains permission for credit to our work (such as a credit and link in the footer of your website), and the right to showcase work produced for our clients, as well as who our clients are, on our own website, portfolio, blog, and social media.