Alongside the consulting we also write software for iOS, macOS, and WordPress. Some of this actually sees the light of day for others to use.

404 Site Checker

This plugin will look at another site you specify whenever a 404 error occurs and check if the requested path is there. If the path is found, it will redirect there rather than show the WP 404 page.


SubCalc is a tool to assist facilitators of the “walking subcaucus” process used by the DFL in Minnesota. This app calculates the number of delegates each subcaucus gets when you enter the total number of delegates your precinct or convention is allowed and how many people are in each subcaucus.

Old Explorations

These bits and pieces were learning exercises or have become outdated. We keep them here as a record of our work and in case anyone wants to build on any of them. Most of this pre-dates the formation of Tenseg.


This Dashboard widget was the local version of Alex’s online Blackjack game. Was supported in versions of macOS up to macOS Mojave.

Fact Triangles

Fact Triangles was an application to practice multiplication and division facts. It was a project that Eric started for Alex when Alex was in 3rd grade and in late 2007 Alex took it over and made some major improvements (PPC-Intel Universal binary and true Tiger and beyond support as well as self-updating features, not to mention publicly releasing it). Though it hasn’t been actively developed for years, we keep reference to it here as an example of our early work.



This is just an Automator app that looks up the image file you drag to it on Flickr. It does this by assuming the file was downloaded from Flickr, splitting it on the underscore character, and taking the first part of that split result and using it as an ID in the URL ““. If the file did, indeed, come from Flickr, this URL should lead you back to the Flickr page for the image.


This widget was one that can save students in 9th grade math lots of time when learning how to solve linear equations. As long as they get the equations into the standard form this widget will solve it the rest of the way and give them the x and y values. Was supported in versions of macOS up to macOS Mojave.


This was a small application that was written for the sole purpose of grabbing nicely formatted PDFs of webpages. Though it hasn’t been actively developed for years, we keep it here as an example of our early work and in case someone finds it useful. Realy, modern macOS and Safari are decent at this task, unlike back when this was first written. Also, it is signed and notarized to pass all modern Gatekeeper tests, and functions as well as it ever did even today in macOS Mojave.

Admin Bar ID Menu

There are times that you need to know the ID number of a page or post in WordPress and it can be more painful than it should be to find that number. This plugin does one simple thing: it displays the ID number of the page, post, category, or tag you are looking at in the WordPress Admin Bar. It appends this ID to the edit menu already on the Admin Bar. Needless to say, that means that this plugin is only useful for WordPress version 3.1 or above, since the Admin Bar was first introduced with 3.1.