SubCalc 3 Released

/ 20 February 2019 / Alexander Celeste

Today we are pleased to announce that SubCalc, the Subcaucus Calculator, has been updated to version 3. Those of you with SubCalc on your iPhone or iPad should recieve the update shortly if you have app auto-updating on, and everyone else can install it from the App Store. As before, a web app version is also available for those without iPhones or iPads, or those who need to use SubCalc on desktops. This is a major new version that we rewrote and redesigned from the ground up. This version introduces numerous new features:

  • Save multiple snapshots of meetings
  • Duplicate a meeting
  • Sort the subcaucus name and members columns (thanks CT for the suggestion)
  • Hide the delegates column (thanks CT for the suggestion)
  • Share snapshots as text, code, spreadsheet, or a link to the iOS share sheet
  • Import snapshots via link either by viewing in Safari or using the Paste clipboard option in the app
  • More detailed explanations of the numbers this calculator gives you
  • Quickly reset the members column for the next walk (thanks CT for the suggestion)
  • Quickly remove empty rows

We have also made SubCalc available as a public open source project on Github. Both the iOS app, and the web app at its core, are open source. We did this partly so that people can audit the code that performs the mathematical operations to trust the results it gives more. Feel free to participate in the future development of SubCalc, even if only by opening issues for bugs you find or new features you desire.

We hope you enjoy the refreshed SubCalc. Please don’t hesitate to send us feedback either in email or at Github if you find bugs or have feature requests.