Fact Triangles v1.3.2 Released

/ 4 February 2011 / Alexander Celeste

A few minutes ago the first update to Fact Triangles in almost a year went live. Believe it or not we started coding this update long before WebPDF went 1.0, but due to some solid problems we ran into when Xcode 4 was in its preview stage (versus the gold master released just a few days ago) Fact Triangles was refusing to run without crashing when you accessed the preferences window. That severe bug seems to be gone now when building using the golden master build of Xcode. The largest changes that are incorporated in the v1.3.2 update are its dependency on Mac OS X v10.6 or above, and the migration to our dynamic automatic updater. Additionally we have included the rewritten feedback provider and crash reporter, both of which are in use by WebPDF. A fairly small, but somewhat significant, update. A month from now we’ll be dismantling the static automatic updater for Fact Triangles and with that saying farewell to static updaters altogether as all our software products will be utilizing the dynamic updater. Feel free to grab the update using the self-updating feature, or if that fails you can always grab the update from the Fact Triangles Product Page.