Blackjack v1.5 Released

/ 25 September 2010 / Alexander Celeste

It has been a little less than a year since we last updated this widget just to come in line with the Tenseg company identifier scheme. Back in 2007 was the last functional update to the Blackjack widget. Today we’re releasing version 1.5, a minor update that packs in two significant changes and also includes two fairly insignificant changes. Let me start with the insignificant changes:

  • 1. We removed the Dashcode stamp.
  • 2. We added the Tenseg copyright statement in place of the old developed by statement.
  • Now on to the fairly significant changes:

  • 1. We've finally fixed the bug that the release of Mac OS X Leopard (v10.5) introduced. When the widget was running under Leopard (and now Snow Leopard) the Mac name (the name of the boot volume) included not just the name but also a bunch of unnecessary statistics about the disk. With version 1.5, we've modified the command-line command we use to retrieve this information in order to once again get just the boot volume's name. Note, however, that in order to get the widget to re-find the name you need to switch to the default hand naming, switch to the front of the widget, and then switch the naming back to the unique hand naming.
  • 2. We've added the software update functionality we first released with the update to soeMatrix earlier this week into Blackjack. This update is the final manual update you'll need to perform for the Blackjack widget.
  • Head on over to the Blackjack Product Page to grab this update for yourself and enjoy the update goodness.