WebPDF v1.0.2 Released

/ 31 January 2011 / Alexander Celeste

A couple minutes ago WebPDF v1.0.2 was released. As you can infer from the article on the widget updates just below this article, this update migrates WebPDF over to the new update mechanism (and like with the widgets, in about a month the old WebPDF updater will be taken down). But that migration is by far not the only thing that has changed in WebPDF, there are three other bugs that have been fixed in this minor update:

  • The copyright statement as visible in Finder is now updated for 2011
  • The "Use Safari HomePage" button associated with the HomePage preference, which worked in testing v1.0.1 but broke I think with 10.6.6, is now working again
  • You can no longer resize the About dialog

This update doesn’t make many changes, and the biggest one is entirely invisible, but the changes it makes are pretty significant. As always, questions and comments regarding WebPDF are welcome, just use the “Send Feedback…” menu item. WebPDF v1.0.2 is available either from the WebPDF Product Page, or for the next month using the self-updating functionality.