WebPDF v1.0 Released

/ 30 October 2010 / Alexander Celeste

WebPDF has just been updated to version 1.0 finally bringing the software out of beta and giving it a solid foundation to build on. The initial purpose of WebPDF was to make a simple-to-use piece of software that could create PDFs from webpages without the annoying page breaks normal PDF-making had. At its time of initial public release it was the only free app that could do this, but there were many shareware apps, so one goal was to provide the free alternative. As of the v0.92 initial public release it could perform its primary purpose. However, it lacked some key features, as well as still held onto the old server-side connections. This finalized version 1.0 release changes all that. The main key feature that has been implemented for the first time in version 1.0 is the ability to open when a URL is passed to it by Mac OS X (think Safari’s Open Page With… menu item) and load that webpage instead of the default webpage. This is a huge improvement as now you can have a URL passed in instead of needing to type it out in the URL field yourself. We also implemented various changes and additions so WebPDF could come in line with the standards we have at Tenseg for Mac applications. These range from the mandatory inclusion of the CrashReporter and FeedbackProvider to including the standard Tenseg About window and using the Tenseg SoftwareUpdate mechanism. You can read the full release notes if you’re curious about what all has changed. WebPDF version 1.0 is currently available from the WebPDF Product Page, and as soon as Eric edits the old appcast it will become available from the built-in software update feature.