soeMatrix v1.5 Released

/ 22 September 2010 / Alexander Celeste

It has been almost a year since this widget got any update love, and a little more than 3 years since any important update was released. This v1.5 update is a fairly minor update, we’ve only really done two things. The first thing we’ve done is complete the transition to it being a Tenseg product. You will notice that instead of saying “Development by Alex Celeste” the widget now simply states “Copyright 2010 Tenseg”. Almost a year ago we made the underlying changes over to Tenseg terminology and web services, but now we have made the change visible in the end user interface. Along with this change we’ve taken away the Dashcode stamp to make the user interface a bit more consistent and to be rid of the visible attribution to Apple for the software used to create the widget. It’s more professional to leave out those kinds of credits, so we’ve removed it. The second change is the most important, and the reason this update is being sent out so soon without waiting for additional changes. We’ve fully implemented update notifications in soeMatrix (and to come to the Blackjack widget in the next update it receives)! You get the option for the widget to check for updates automatically on load, and then there is a button to check manually at other times. When an update is available (independent of if the check was kicked off automatically or manually) the button to check will be replaced with a button to download the update. To increase the update’s visibility, there will also be a button to download the update on the front of the widget, too. When one of the buttons to download the update is clicked the widget will take you to your default web browser where the download will begin. To install the update just double-click the widget file once downloaded (Safari will open it automatically). The updater isn’t as perfect as the one we use for our Mac applications, but it’s been functioning in our limited testing, so we believe that it’s ready for public usage. To grab this final update you need to get manually head on over to the soeMatrix Product Page.