Senior Project Presentation and Finalization

/ 25 May 2010 / Alexander Celeste

Tenseg was born out of the beginning of my senior project at Avalon. Earlier today I presented my senior presentation at 2:30 pm and then finalized the senior project with my entire senior committee at 3:50 pm. I've put together a small page on the presentation that currently just contains the Senior Project Bio and the presentation slides but later on may include a video recording of the presentation. Later I had a meeting with my community experts from Project-Based Learning Systems to discuss the future of PF Touch. None of those details are final or public, but I can say that the future is looking quite bright for the central idea behind PF Touch. I hope you enjoy seeing my senior project presentation. In a way today can be considered the first birthday of Tenseg, even though its real first birthday is still a few months away.