Fact Triangles v1.3.1 Released

/ 14 March 2010 / Alexander Celeste

This update comes not a month after the major version 1.3 update. That is no surprise, there were a few bugs that I didn’t catch until a day after the release and a few lose ends that I needed more time to complete. This update fixes a few bugs related to first-ever launch situations and main window images. In addition I got the feedback window to memorize its location and added a Release Notes menu item to the Help menu. The primary lose end that has been tied up is the ability for the automatic updater to send an anonymous system profile along with update checks. I’ve made this data public for all to see if desired. You can take a look at the Fact Triangles Release Notes for a complete list of changes since version 1.3. Fact Triangles v1.3.1 is available both from the Fact Triangles Product Page and by selecting “Check for Updates…” in the Fact Triangles menu.