/ 3 March 2010 / Alexander Celeste

Since releasing the Fact Triangles v1.3 update I’ve been hard at work on some major improvements to utilizing extra features of the updater Fact Triangles uses as well as other bug fixes. The main improvement has to do with users being able to submit anonymous system profile information to us while checking for updates. One of the evenings I was talking with Eric about these he gave me the idea to write a script that ran at boot to email off a full system profile. As some may know, like me, from experience, the times you truly need a system profile are when your Mac is inaccessible. So a few days ago I wrote precisely that script, and have now made it available to anyone here. After setup you can easily forget that this script is in place until you find yourself in need of the system profile it outputs, at which time you can know you have a system profile stored safely and accessible to you.