Fact Triangles v1.3 Released

/ 18 February 2010 / Alexander Celeste

It has been a few months since Fact Triangles was last updated back in October purely to change its identifier to the scheme we use here at Tenseg. Before that the v1.1 release last May was the last significant update, and that was before Fact Triangles was under the umbrella of Tenseg. This v1.3 release has a long list of changes, some involve completing the migration to Tenseg mentions in the interface, some are the merging of menu items, some include really using user defaults, and yet others are the fixing of long-standing bugs. You can take a look at the Fact Triangles Release Notes for a complete list of changes. Aside from the visible changes the v1.3 update represents a complete refactoring of the source code. Since the initial release of Fact Triangles back in 2007 it was an old project that was originally built in 10.1 or 10.2. In the process of fixing some long-standing bugs (I couldn’t even use the Xcode debugger properly with the old project) I created a brand new project and copy-and-pasted the code into the new project. Thus leaving in the dust Eric’s old single-class application in favor of a proper application delegate and window controllers. The MVC model still isn’t fully there, but in a year or so I plan on building an iPhone version of Fact Triangles (likely to be named FT Touch) so once that is on the App Store I’ll bring the models used in it back to the Mac version for a v2.0 major update. A side effect of this new project is that the application requires Mac OS X 10.5 since my Mac has no 10.4 SDK installed, but it’s still a Universal binary, so I haven’t dropped PowerPC support altogether yet. Fact Triangles v1.3 is available both from the Fact Triangles Product Page and by selecting “Check for Updates…” in the Fact Triangles menu.